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Ray V. Gordon is the owner and founder of Leather
Lid Inserts. They coined the phrase “We Take The Sag
Out Of The Bag” and that is exactly what they do.
Ray has been riding motorcycles since he was 14, and
has watched the motorcycle industry grow into what
it is today. After 35 years of owning and operating
a successful aluminum company in Fort Myers,
Ray sold the business so he could retire, or so he
thought. Ray bought himself a new Harley-Davidson
Heritage Softail Classic. And just like everyone else
with leather saddle bags, his also started to sag and
cave-in. He saw a need to fix this problem. Starting
up the new business was something he just fell into
by fixing his own saddlebags and those of his friends.
When their friends saw his work, they wanted Ray to
fix their saddle bags.

As an inventor and entrepreneur, Ray put his
skill and creative background to work and began
experimenting with several different types of
materials to finally design a patented lid and bag
reinforcement kit that is designed to help keep
the original shape of any leather saddlebag on the




So, if you’re tired of looking at your caved-in leather
saddlebags or if they’re just starting to lose their
shape, Leather Lid inserts are the solution. If you
have brand new bags and want to prevent them
from ever caving in, Leather Lid inserts are also the

More information about our inserts can be found
online at www.LeatherLidInserts.com. They’re easy
to install yourself or you can have them installed at
one of our dealer installer locations which can also
be found on our website.


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