Sturgis 2015: Women and Motorcycling, 7th Annual Biker Belles Celebration

I attended the recent Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and, other than the increase in attendance compared to prior rallies, I noticed another substantial change -- that a good number of women attending were riding their own motorcycles. I hadn’t been to Sturgis since 2004. At that time, I would guestimate that maybe 10% of the women at the rally were riding their own. This year, it would be closer to 40%. From my own observations at Sturgis, approximately 70% of the women riders were riding large cruiser motorcycles.

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A Conversation with Dave Barr

So you’ve spent more than eleven hours in extreme pain from the injuries caused when a land mine blew up the vehicle you were riding in. Your body is badly burned and both your legs are severely injured. The only reason you’re not dead is because a maverick chopper pilot took a chance that he wouldn’t run out of fuel by making an unauthorized pickup to get you to a hospital. For most humans, that would be enough for them to question their faith and ask “Why me, God?”

Dave Barr is not like most humans. Despite having parts of both of his legs amputated as a result of that war incident back in 1982, he has gone on to set two Guinness World records for long distance motorcycle riding and is a staunch supporter of causes for veterans and the disabled. He didn’t ask, “Why me, God?” but he did ask, “What now, God?”

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Harley-Davidson Vintage Vest Recall

So this guy walks into a biker bar wearing a vest with a 3-piece patch on the ….no, no, no, I’m not even going to try and make this into a joke, someone could have gotten hurt.

I recently came across a Facebook post from a biker in Michigan. There was a photo of a lineup of vests for sale at a Harley-Davidson dealership. The vests were made of denim and the photo showed the backsides where the Harley brand was represented by a 3-piece patch with “Harley-” on the top rocker and “Davidson” on the bottom with a skull patch in the middle. There was also one other small square patch that read “MC”. The patches were made of cloth and designed to look crude. On the front of the vest were two Harley patches. The sleeve openings were frayed, and the vest had several distressed marks on it. Put it on and you certainly might look the part. You might also get in trouble if you were to wear that vest into the wrong place.

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