The Dragon is One of the Mecca’s for Bikers

It actually felt nice and cool, at 4 AM when I left the man-cave for the rendezvous with some of the buds. Destination: North Carolina and the Tail of the Dragon. Now for some of you this is a “been there…done that” thing. For those of you who are new to long rides, the Dragon is one of the mecca’s for bikers, much like Daytona, Leesburg or Sturgis, ND. I’ll skip the rather uneventful boring ride up and pick up at our destination just outside of Cherokee, NC. Our gathering of friends took over a little 50’s style motor court called the “Gear Head Inn”.

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Federal Motorcycle Safety Grants and The State Of Florida

This is the first of a series of articles that will look at what the state and federal governments are doing in the realm of motorcycle safety. We start off with a look at the Federal Motorcycle Safety Grant program.

Within the 2015 Highway Safety Plan published by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) there is a section titled “Motorcycle Safety Program”. (You can read the entire document online at

The program’s goal is to reduce motorcycle injuries and fatalities through awareness and enforcement. They aim to accomplish this with a broad range of strategies which include rider training and education, safety promotions, law enforcement activities, motorist awareness, and even making sure that the design and construction of roadways take motorcyclists into consideration.

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