Gone UNI!


By One-Wheeled Wonder

Tampa, FL – April 1, 2015 - After careful deliberation and a thorough market analysis, we at Go For A Ride magazine have come to the obvious conclusion that one wheel is better than two and we’re changing the focus of our publication from motorcycles which are noisy, dangerous, and disliked by many of our road traveling brethren to a mode of transportation that everyone will enjoy, UNICYCLES!


With wheelies and stoppies being the normal riding style for many motorcyclists on the road today, we feel it’s unnecessary to continue riding vehicles with more than one wheel. If you’re not going to use two wheels, why carry the extra weight and pay the extra cost?


Unicycles have been around since the late 1800’s, giving them market seniority over such fledgling companies like Indian and Harley-Davidson.


And, just like motorcycles, there are several styles of Uni’s to choose from depending on your riding preference. Freestyle bikes are the perfect commuter uni, with various wheel sizes available to get you the proper fit. Trial uni’s have stronger frames to withstand the punishment of jumping, dropping, and riding on terrain that’s less then smooth. Mountain unicycles, aka MUnis, have large tires allowing the rider to navigate off road trails.

Touring uni’s are built for distance rides, with big wheels up to 36” and, when properly accessorized with some fringed leather saddle bags and a killer sound system will have you itching to hit the road. And will most unicycles are self-powered, meaning you pedal your buns off to get anywhere, there are motorized options available. Believe me, doing a burnout on one of these is a thrill you won’t forget.


We look forward to this change in direction for Go For A Ride and hope our readers will decide that it’s time for them to change also.


Future issues of Go FAR will cover the many aspects of Unicycle Riding, including safety, maintenance, customization, racing, off road adventures, touring, riding rules of the road and all that makes the Unicycle the perfect transportation vehicle.


Don’t forget your safety gear.