Lane Splitting for Florida?

Even though I was on the bike, I wasn’t having much fun. The afternoon sun was making it hot and the air was humid. I was sitting in a line of traffic which sporadically made small advances forward. The traffic signal had a much too short green light cycle for those traveling in my direction. There were four lanes, all jammed with vehicles, sometimes only one lane moved and sometimes we all did. At one point, my lane didn’t move but the SUV behind me did. I noticed the chrome grillwork filling my mirrors at about the same time I felt a nudge on the back of my bike. Mr. Dad driving behind me had been distracted by the kids he was hauling and didn’t notice the motorcyclist in front of him was still stationary until that last moment. Lucky for me traffic was such a gridlock that he never got up to any serious speed and the only damage was a cracked light lens, which I didn’t notice until later. If I had noticed the crack I probably could’ve got a few bucks from him for that as he was extremely apologetic and embarrassed about running into me.  

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