Eight Years and Counting....

Thank you


Each month for eight years it’s been my privilege to put together this publication. Of all the jobs I’ve done, there’s no doubt that Go For A Ride is the most fun. Just wish it was the most profitable. But hey, they say money isn’t the answer to life anyway and if you really want to be happy in life, do something you enjoy. OK, I ain’t got no dough, so I must be happy.

I’m thankful too. My Thanks go out to the thousands of riders who read each issue of Go FAR and all the feedback you’ve given. The compliments are great and even when you point out a mistake I let slip through, I don’t mind, because it meant you took the time to read the magazine. One of the goals I set when designing Go FAR was for it to have Readablity. Probably not a real word, but you get the idea. I wanted to produce a magazine with content that riders would find entertaining or educational, or both. We seem to have hit the mark.

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Micro Toy-Hauler

Toy haulers came on the scene a few years back as a way for motorcyclists to combine RV’ing and riding. Rear ramp doors were added to an RV and a space cleared out in the back for loading and storing your bike. Great idea, but most of the models on the market are very large and require an equally large and powerful vehicle to tow them. Then along came the Incognito.

The Incognito is the brainchild of Keith Stringfield, the owner of Startz Customs LLC, whose experience with RV’s and motorcycles is extensive. Keith’s idea was to take an ordinary enclosed motorcycle trailer and convert it into a fully functional micro toy hauler which would offer the amenities of the larger units without the size and weight. Fitting a bed, bath, kitchen, storage, and bike transport capability into a space that small was a big challenge but looking at the finished product is testament to his ability to get the most out of every inch of space. And when everything is all buttoned up and you’re rolling down the road, no one would suspect your towing anything more than a bike trailer.

Within a 7’ x 12’ v-nose motorcycle trailer, Keith laid out a compact and efficient floor plan that has everything you need for a fantastic road trip.

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Amazing Arizona Adventure

   My wife, Lori, and I are avid motorcycle riders and most of our vacations involve taking our Harley Davidsons with us. If the destination is too far we fly and rent Harleys or ship them on a truck and fly in to meet the bikes. This trip was for our 18th wedding anniversary and we wanted it to be special and ride somewhere neither of us has ridden. While flipping through American Iron Magazine, I read an article about Twisted Trailz Motorcycle Tour Company which provides guided tours throughout the Southwest.  What really sold me on a tour with Twisted Trailz is they take care of everything for your tour.  They set up the itinerary, hotels, motorcycle rentals, and entrance in to the national parks. I don’t have to look at a map, road signs, or use a GPD, as Ron and Elaine Booth have all the local knowledge of the best motorcycle roads and places to visit.  Best of all they have a chase vehicle following the group for your luggage and a trailer just in case any of the motorcycles have mechanical problems. I couldn’t imagine a stress free motorcycle trip where all I have to do is follow the tail lights of the guy in front of me.

  I immediately went on their website and saw they had a tour in Arizona scheduled for May 2015.  I read that Chris Maida the Editor of American Iron Magazine would be on this tour as well and he will do a feature story in American Bagger Magazine later in the year.  Once I talked Lori in to the trip, we called our motorcycle traveling buddies,Dave and Coleen Buchinsky, to see if they wanted to come along.  Usually it takes me providing a few drinks to persuade them to go with us but, this time they said yes right away. 

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