Old Skool Cycle Werks’ PhatBack Bolt-On Kits

In today’s economy, riders are modifying the motorcycles they own rather than buying new ones. New sales in the Unites States market continue to decline, but consumers are still spending an average of $3,600 per year on aftermarket accessories. Old Skool Cycle Werks’ products are priced just below the average spend, so you can afford to transform your stock bike to give it a custom look and enjoy riding it every day.

Old Skool Cycle Werks (OSCW) designs innovative one-piece bolt-on conversion kits – coined the PhatBack™. Designed with the rider in mind, the PhatBack™ body kits are innovative, versatile and functional. Installation is easy. Remove your fender, bags, brackets, and bolt the kit on. No frame modification. Remove the kit it in a couple of minutes. Two bolts, four screws, one plug and slide it off!

Body Kits
OSCW offers several versions of the PhatBack™ body kits that range in price from $2,000 to $3,400. The hand-laid fiberglass kits are: the PhatBack™, street cruiser; the PhatBack RT™, street cruiser with a trunk; the PhatBack STY™, no boat tail; and the PhatBack RTB™, seamless bagger with a  trunk. Though originally designed to fit Harley-Davidson Touring models from 1995 - 2007, the kits will soon to be available for the H-D Softail models, as well as the Honda VTX 1800 and the Victory Kingpin. More platforms are in the research stage. Each model will have its own exclusive look.

Other Accessories
Other accessories offered by OSCW are: the SlipStreme™, café style, removable fairing with electronics; PhatBags™, detachable, top-opening hard bags designed specifically for OSCW’s body kits; the SlingBlade™ and SlingBlade XT™ extended radius front fenders.

Products in Design
New products in various stages of design include: the Phatillac™ body kit for H-D Touring bikes, Old Skool twist on a traditional bagger with subtle hints of a late 70s/early 80s Cadillac; Power pods, 7” speakers with pro-quality, full-range sound to replace the touring style lowers; Rear fender box, storage box that resembles/replaces stock passenger seat on H-D Softail model; the PhatBox™, touring box with integrated passenger backrest; the TailGater™, a pull-behind trailer with a cooler and separate battery management system; hard bags for the VTX 1800; hard bags and fairing for the Kingpin.

Continued success
“Love the PhatBack kit! Makes me want to buy a Harley just so I can fit it with your kit. Let me know when you make a kit for metric bikes.” John Heimberger, OR.

Individual consumers regularly comment on OSCW’s unique design, affordability and quality products – All contributing factors to OSCW’s success.

“Thanks for making a working man’s dream of owning a custom bike without spending $100,000 come true!” Lt. Jose Marrero, retired Illinois State Police, FL.

“Well-built and sturdy! Had the unfortunate experience of dropping my bike. Thought the kit would be cracked, but all I did was scratch the paint.” Helen Crawford, FL.

They also rave about the excellent customer service they receive, even before making their purchase from Old Skool Cycle Werks.

“It’s great that you send me personal email updates and have put me in touch with a current customer. It means a lot to me to have good customer service (even though I’m not officially a customer yet)!” Staff Sgt. Ross Robinson, USAF, GA.

“Wow! Your quick and thorough responses give a consumer a lot of confidence when purchasing a product from you.” D’Lacy Stith, OH.

Dealers across the United States are participating in OSCW’s Dealer Partnership Program. Some of the benefits are increased revenue (30-50% profit margin), affordable customization for customers and volume-based exclusivity. OSCW is also partnering with companies to offer installation, paint, upholstery and other accessories.

“Another major contributing factor to Old Skool Cycle Werks’ continued success is the endless support we receive from folks in our community,” says Henry T. Chriss I, President/CEO of Old Skool Cycle Werks, LLP. “On behalf of the OSCW team, we thank God for our many blessings that include those who consistently help us: Mike Savidge; Mike Simpson; Ian Peabody; Radical Randy; Reverend Jim Goodrich; Parti Patti; loyal customers, like Jose Marrero; our authorized dealers, from Treasure Coast Harley-Davidson on the East coast, to Full Moon Motor Sports on the West coast; and the local and national magazines. We couldn’t do it without you!”

Become a fan on Facebook (http://companies.to/oldskoolcyclewerks/) or contact us via our website to find out which local and out-of-state events you can see our products at. Let us know what you want to customize your ride. All feedback is welcomed and considered when we design new products.

Visit OSCW’s website at www.oldskoolcyclewerks.com to see product pictures, specifications and pricing. Check out the installation video and image gallery. Contact Michelle for dealer or investor opportunities at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (813) 789-1717.